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  1. msg Ask Me - Nat ‘King‘ Cole message posted Ask Me - Nat ‘King‘ Cole Discogs has a listing of a single by Alice Babs - Deine erste Liebe on Polydor 23 076 (1955)
    Ask Me - Nat ‘King‘ Cole
    Discogs has a listing of a single by Alice Babs - Deine erste Liebe on Polydor 23 076 (1955)
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Tuesday, May 16

  1. page Judy Collins edited ... MAID OF CONSTANT SORROW (1961) Maid of Constant Sorrow See “Man of Constant Sorrow” under B…
    Maid of Constant Sorrow See “Man of Constant Sorrow” under Bob Dylan [‘62] for this song first recorded by Emry Arthur [‘28\
    A.L. Lloyd
    Wild Mountain Thyme Scottish ballad frorm the McPeake Family; see above, Joan Baez [‘65]
    Tim Evans Ewan MacColl “Go Down You Murderers” by Ewan MacColl [Bad Lads and Hard Cases Riverside RLP 12-632].
    Sailor's Life (trad.) Sea shanty, aka “Sailor Boy“; Martin Carthy [‘66, Second Album], Fairport Convention [‘69 Unhalfbricking]; Connie Foley [‘5?, “Irish Sailor Boy” Ireland in Song Copley DWL 9-613], Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger [‘5?, “My Sailor Boy” and “Sweet William” Matching Songs of the British Isles and America Riverside RLP 12-637]., A.L. Lloyd
    Clancy Brothers
    Wars of Germany (trad., William Motherwell) Related to “Jack Went a-Sailing” or “Jackaroe” - see above under Bob Dylan [‘93]; Clancy Brothers
    O Daddy Be Gay Child 278 “The Devil and the Farmer’s Wife” Bill & Belle Reed [‘28, “Old Lady and the Devil”], Texas Gladden [‘38 and ‘46], Burl Ives [‘55? Wayfaring Stranger Columbia CS 9041, and ‘54, “Divil and the Farmer” Coronation Concert Decca DL 8080], Andrew Rowan Summers [‘51, “Farmer’s Curst Wife” Seeds of Love Folkways FA 2021], Sam Hinton [‘55, “Farmer’s Curst Wife” Singing Across the land Decca DL 8108], Horton Barker [‘56, “Farmer’s Curst Wife” Anglo American Ballads Library of Congress AFS L 1], Gerard Campbell [‘5?, “Killyburn Brae” Wandering Minstrel London LL 1714], Seamus Ennis [‘5?, “Farmer’s Curst Wife” Bonnie Bunch of Roses Tradition T 1013], Paul Clayton [‘58, “Farmer’s Nagging Wife” Unholy Matrimony Elektra EKL 147], Ellen Stekert [‘58, “Poor Anthony Rolly” Songs of a New York Lumberjack Folkways FA 2354], Estil C. Ball on Sounds of the South [‘59, “Farmer’s Curst Wife” Atlantic], Peggy Seeger [‘59, Folksongs and Ballads Riverside RLP 12-655].
    MG 20672].
    John Riley see under Joan Baez [‘61]
    Pretty Saro (trad.) Ed McCurdy [‘56, Ballad Singer’s Choice Tradition TLP 1003], Shirley Collins [‘59, Sweet England], Ritchie Sisters [‘59, Ritchie Family of Kentucky Folkways FA 2316], the Gateway Singers [‘59, On the Lot Warner WS 1296], Chad Mitchell Trio [’60? ‘64? , Arrives! Colpix CP 411]]
    In the Hills of Shiloh (Shel Silverstein, Jim Friedman) learned from authors; recorded by New Christy Minstrels [‘63, Tell Tall Tales! Columbia CS 8817]
    The Bells of Rhymney (Idris Davies [poem], Pete Seeger) 1926 by Welsh poet Idris Davies, set to music by Pete Seeger [‘60, Columbia]. Byrds [‘65]; Roger McGuinn played on the Judy Collins version. George Harrison admitted using it for his guitar riff in “If I Needed Someone” [‘66, Beatles].
    Capitol T-2011]. CollinsCollins learned it
    Settle Down (Mike Settle) learned from a tape; also recorded by Peter, Paul & Mary [‘63, Moving Warner W 1473]. Aka “Going Down That Highway”
    Come Away Melinda (Fran Minkoff, Fred Hellerman [of the Weavers]) The Weavers [Reunion at Carnegie Hall 1963 (Part 1) Vanguard VSD 2150], Theodore Bikel [‘64, Folksinger’s Choice Elektra EKL 250].
    for Collins.
    Winter Sky (Billy Edd Wheeler) Billy Edd Wheeler [’64 A New Bag of Songs ‘64 Kapp 3351, ‘65, Memories of America/Ode to the Little Brown Shack Out Back Kapp 3425]
    Bonnie Boy Is Young (trad.) See above under “The Trees They Do Grow High”, Joan Baez [‘61]
    Me and My Uncle (John Philips) Unrecorded by Philips, who at the time was with the Journeymen and later with the Mamas and Papas. Later recorded by the Grateful Dead.
    DL 8247], AlanAlan Lomax [‘58,
    Dyer-Bennett 13]
    The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll (Bob Dylan) From Dylan’s The Times They Are a-Changing’ [‘64].
    Vanguard VSD-2150].

    Blackbird (Billy Edd Wheeler)

    Tattoo (Billy
    Capitol T-2011], BillyBilly Edd Wheeler
    Cruel Mother (Ewan MacColl) Traditional song (Child Ballad 20, also collected by Cecil Sharp in Virginia). Recorded by James Chisholm in 1918. Folk recordings: English Peter Kennedy recording by Cecilia Costello [‘50], Irish Seamus Ennis recording by Thomas Moran [‘54], Scottish Peter Kennedy & Hamish Henderson recording by Duncan Burke [‘55, “The Dry Well”]; Paul Clayton [‘56, Bloody Ballads Riverside RLP 12-615], Shirley Collins [‘59], John Lang staff [‘59, reissued on Revels CD], Thomas Moran [‘61, Folk Songs of Britain, Vol. 4, The Child Ballads I Caedmon T 1145], Bonnie Dobson [‘61, Dear Companion Prestige Folklore FL 14007], Ian & Sylvia [‘64, “The Greenwood Side”].
    6491] .

    Evers Lullaby (Richard Weissman)
    Pack Up Your Sorrows (Richard Fariña, Pauline Marden) Song by Richard & Mimi Fariña [‘65, Vanguard]; Richard also accompanies Collins.
    So Early, Early in the Spring (trad.) Peggy Seeger [‘58, Folksongs and Ballads Riverside RLP 12-655], David Hammond [’59, I Am the Wee Falorie Man, Folk Songs of Ireland Tradition TLP 1028], Bonnie Dobson [‘64, For the Love of Him Mercury SR 60987], Pentangle [‘69, Sweet Child]
    Tomorrow Is a Long Time (Bob Dylan) Written for Ian & Sylvia [‘63, Four Strong Winds Vanguard 79133]; also Bud & Travis [’64, Perspective on Bud and Travis Liberty 7341]. Dylan’s ‘63 recording was released in ‘71 on More Greatest Hits. Also by Hamilton Ca,p [‘64].
    Baez [‘64]
    Thirsty Boots (Eric Andersen) Eric Andersen [‘65, ‘Bout Changes and Things Vanguard 79206], Randy Burns [‘66, Of Love and War ESP-Disk 1039].
    Columbia 2305].
    Lord Gregory (trad. - Child 76) Jean Ritchie [‘61, “Fair Annie of Lochroyan” Traditional British Ballads in the Southern Mountains, Vol. 1 Folkways FA 2301], Elizabeth Cronin Moran [‘61, Folk Songs of Britain, Vol. 4, The Child Ballads I Caedmon T 1145], Peg Clancy Power [’63, Down by the Glenside Folk Legacy FSE 008], Bonnie Dobson [‘64, For the Love of Him Mercury SR 60987]
    In the Heat of the Summer (Phil Ochs) Phil Ochs [‘65, I Ain’t Marching Anymore Elektra 7287].
    Michael from Mountains (Joni Mitchell) Later on Joni Mitchell [‘68, Reprise 6293].
    Sisters of Mercy (Leonard Cohen) Leonard Cohen [‘68, Songs of Leonard Cohen Columbia 9533].
    (Leonard Cohen)
    Lasso! Di Donna (a ballata of Francesco Landini [1335-1397])
    Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell) First recording of this song, recorded by Harpers Bizarre [‘68, Warner Brothers 7200] and many others; finally by Joni Mitchell on Clouds [‘69].
    Hello, Hooray (Rolf Kempf) Later recorded by Alice Cooper [‘73, Warner 7673].
    Columbia 9767]
    Someday Soon (Ian Tyson) Ian & Sylvia [‘64, Northern Journey Vanguard 79154], Kingston Trio [‘65, The Kingston Trio (Nick-Bob-John) Decca 74613]
    Who Knows Where the Time Goes (Sandy Denny) First released version of the song, from the film The Subject Was Roses. There is a 1967 demo by Sandy Denny, who later recorded it as part of Fairport Convention [‘69, Unhalfbricking].
    Poor Immigrant (Bob Dylan) From John Wesley Harding.
    First Boy I Loved (Robin Williamson) From the Incredible String Band’s The 5000 Spirits or Layers of the Onion [‘67].
    Columbia 9767]
    Pretty Polly (trad.) With roots in an English broadside ballad, around 1750, collected in Kentucky in 1916. Recordings by Dock Boggs [‘27, Brunswick], the Coon Creek Girls [‘38], the Stanley Brothers [‘51], Jean Ritchie [‘54], Pete Seeger [‘58], Burl Ives [‘59]; Bob Dylan [‘62] as “Pretty Peggy-O”
    Song for David (Joan Baez) Joan Baez [‘70, One Day At a Time Vanguard VSD 79310]
    Paris [1968].
    The Patriot Game (Behan) Dominic Behan [‘57]. See above “With God On Our Side”, Bob Dylan [‘62]
    Prothalamium (Aaron Kramer, Michael Sahl) Poem by Kramer in 1948 The Thunder of the Grass collection.
    Oh Had I a Golden Thread (Pete Seeger) Written by Seeger in 1958, perhaps based on “Nearer My God To Thee”; on Rainbow Quest [‘60, Folkways FA 2454].
    Gene's Song (trad., adap./arr. By Gene Murrow) Murrow is a musician on the album.
    Baez [‘65]
    Time Passes Slowly (Bob Dylan) Bob Dylan [‘70, New Morning Columbia 30290].
    Marieke (Jacques Brel, Gerard Jouannest) Jacques Brel [‘61, Jacques Brel 5 aka Marieke Philips B 76.513 R]
    and piano).
    Amazing Grace (John Newman) 1779 English hymn, set to music by Wiliam Walker in 1844. See in part 2 for more detail.
    LIVING (1971)
    Innisfree (Hamilton Camp, Yeats) Hamilton Camp [‘64, Paths of Victory Elektra 7278]. Musical setting of William Butler Yeats’ poem “The Lake Isle of Innisfree” from The Roses [1893].
    All Things Are Quite Silent (trad.) Collected from Tom Baines [1904], found in The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs. Recorded by Shirley Collins [‘67, The Sweet Primeroses Topic 170] and Steeleye Span [‘70, Hark! The Village Wait].
    the time
    Chelsea Morning (Joni Mitchell) Dave Van Ronk [‘68, Dave Van Ronk & the Hudson Dusters Verve Forecast FVS 3041], Fairport Convention [‘68, Fairport Convention Cotillon 9024], Joni Mitchell [‘69, Clouds Reprise 6341]
    Famous Blue Raincoat (Leonard Cohen) Leonard Cohen [‘71, Songs of Love and Hate Columbia 30103]
    on Wildflowers.
    Cook With Honey (Valerie Carter)
    The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress (Webb) Jimmy Webb song, recorded by Joe Cocker [‘74, I Can Stand a Little Rain A&M 3633] arranged by Webb, who also plays piano, Glen Campbell [‘74, Reunion] produced by Webb, and later by Webb himself [‘77, Mirage].
    Angel, Spread Your Wings (O'Keefe) Danny O’Keefe [‘73, Breezy Stories Atlantic 7264]
    BDS 5121]

    in the
    single 5541, LPLP Send in
    Salt of the Earth (Jagger, Richards) From the Rolling Stones’ Beggars Banquet [‘68].
    Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (Gorney, Harburg) From 1932 Broadway revue Americana, performed by Ray Weber, with hit recordings by Bing Crosby [Brunswick 6414] and Rudy Vallee [Columbia 2725-D].
    Reprise 1103]
    I'll Be Seeing You (Fain, Kahal) Introduced by Tamara in the 1938 musical Right This Way. Recordings by Mitchell Ayres , featuring Mary Ann Mercer [‘40, Bluebird B-10620], Dick Todd [‘40, Bluebird B-10636], Henry King, featuring Bob Carroll [‘40, Decca 3072], Tommy Dorsey, featuring Frank Sinatra [‘40, Victor 20-1574], Bing Crosby [‘44, Decca 18595].
    Pirate Ships (Waldman) Wendy Waldman [‘73, Love Has Got Me Warner Brothers 2735]
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Monday, April 24

  1. page home edited WHERE DID SONGS COME FROM? iPhone 7 Games Bakery sells doughnuts injected with liquor (BWNToda…

    iPhone 7 Games
    Bakery sells doughnuts injected with liquor (BWNToday)Man steals girl's pantyhose to fix his car (BWNToday)Man trashes hotel room after pizza did not arrive (BWNToday)U.S. judge orders teen to attend Church (BWNToday)Eagle snatches little kid playing in park (video) (BWNToday)Serial groper convicted of groping woman who was sitting next to her husband on plane (BWNToday)Real human Barbie doll exposed as a fake (BWNToday)Strange men and women cuddle at the cuddling workshop (video) (BWNToday)Woman sues police after using Taser on her crotch (BWNToday)
    Have you ever wondered if a song was done previously? What are the sources, the originals, the early versions? That is what this wiki is about.
    The information is organized basically in two ways:
    1) Hit songs are listed by year . Songs are listed roughly in descending order, based on Billboard peak position, although the actual peak is not identified. Only songs that have previous versions are listed. From 1955 to current day, Top 30 songs are treated; from 1950 to 1954, only the Top 10. FOR LINKS TO THE YEARS, CHOOSE THE 'YEAR' PAGE FROM THE SIDE MENU.
    2) Cover songs are listed by artist . The way things are listed depends on the artist.
    For some, I have tried to deal with all of their recordings; for others, it is only selected LP's or limited time periods. This is pretty arbitrary and depends on my interest level.Female In Surat
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