Websites - general The Originals: Arnold Rypens official The Originals Update & Info Site This is apparently based on an out-of-print Belgian book that has researched hundreds of songs, and gives a detailed history of many of them. The Originals Project by Dick Rosemont This has a similar mission. The first recording is listed with date and record label and number. Rosemont carefully tracks down recording dates. His website has been a particularly good source for songs that were recorded but not released, and songs recorded by the same artist in an earlier version. The All Music Guide (or the All Media Guide) This is a data base of the entire music industry, with biographical articles of performers and reviews of albums. Albums and CD’s, current and out-of-print, originals and compilations, are listed with complete track listings for the majority of albums. Songwriter information is usually present. The data-base is searchable by artist, by album title, or by song, and most of the songs have links to audio excerpts. Folk Music Index by Jane Keefer. An excellent source for folk music. Search by artist or title, with cross-references to related songs. GEMM - The Global Electronic Music Marketplace. This is a listing of items for sale from vendors throughout the world - CD's, LP's, 45'a, 12-inch singles, some 78’s. Many hard-to-find items are listed, along with information about label and number, sometimes date. EBay Auction Website This is another site that has information on items for sale; many are posted for a specific time period. Information on individual items varies. Sometimes there is a complete track listing for LP’s. Google A general search engine. Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia This has many good articles, posted by individual contributors. International Lyrics Playground Treat yourself. The jeans that best go with the songs of the era. Second Hand Songs - a Cover Songs Database Coverversionen -Discover the Original This is a German site with cover information.

Websites - specific Elvis Presley - The Originals This website, by David Neale, is devoted to original versions of all the songs recorded by Elvis. Hit Parade Italia This is an Italian website that lists all the popular songs of the year, alphabetically. Festival della Canzone Italiana This wikipedia page contains links to year-by-year information about the entries into the San Remo Festival of popular songs. Oldiehitparade This is a German site that lists yearly Top 20 hits for several European countries, with more detailed monthly and weekly information for Germany. Treat yourself. The jeans that best go with the songs of the 1975. Frank Sinatra Sessionography. This site has chronological listings of Sinatra's recording sessions and release numbers, grouped by label and time period, from the Harry James years through the Reprise recordings.


Record Research Inc. - Joel Whitburn, Menomonee Falls, WI 53052. This series of books gives authoritative information about the rankings and durations of songs that made the Billboard surveys. The most useful of these, in their most recent editions:
Top Pop Singles 1955-2002 This lists songs by artist, with information on label and number and B-side. There is biographical information on the artists, and for many songs, information about sources. There is an index of song titles, differentiating between different songs with the same title.
Pop Annual 1955-2006 This is a year-by-year ordered ranking of the charted songs. The writers are identified for each song.
The Billboard Albums - 6th Edition This lists all the charted LP’s, and all the tracks for each LP. An index of songs Album Cuts 1955-2001 also exists.
Top R&B/Hip-Hop Singles 1942-2004. This lists the R&B charting songs, with their B-sides. For 1964, when Billboard did not publish R&B charts, data from Cash Box are used.
Top Country Songs 1944 to 2005 This lists country songs, with label and number or LP source information, and the writers of each song. The 2001 edition listed B-sides.
Pop Hits - Singles & Albums 1940-1954 This includes the Top Pop Singles and Pop Annuals formats and Album information for the indicated years.
Pop Memories 1890-1954 This 1986 book is a reconstruction of hypothetical chart information for the years before charts existed, in Top Pop Singles format.

Krause Publications - Goldmine books, Iola, WI. Goldmine is a magazine highlighting various musical artists throughout the years, and providing discographical lists with its articles. The books it publishes are meant as price guides, and usually have complete information for the artists that they include.
Neely, Tim. Goldmine Standard Catalog of American Records 1950-1975 (1998). Singles (both sides) and LP’s are listed by label and number, with year of release.
Neely, Tim. Goldmine Country & Western Record Price Guide, Second Edition (2001). Information for earlier artists usually includes ‘Selected 78s.’
Neely, Tim, & Dave Thompson. Goldmine British Invasion Record Price Guide. (1997). This lists U.K. and U.S. releases of singles, EP’s and LP’s for British artists who were introduced to the U.S. from 1958 to 1966.
Gribin, Dr. Anthony J., & Dr. Matthew M. Schiff. The Complete Book of Doo-Wop (2000) This book, with many articles examining doo-wop, includes an extensive discographical listing of doo-wop singles, distinguishing between different groups with the same name.

Gardner, Edward Foote. Popular Songs of the Twentieth Century, Volume 1 - Chart Detail & Encyclopedia 1900-1949, (2000) Paragon House, St. Paul MN. This is an alternate reconstruction of the pre-chart years. With songs listings are the writers and publishing information, information about shows or films the songs were in, a list of popular recordings with date, label and number, as well as unrecorded stage and radio performers.

Strong, Martin C. The Great Rock Discography, 7th Edition. (2004) Cannongate U.S., New York. This book gives complete single and LP listings, including track listings, for U.S. and U.K. releases of rock-oriented artists from the ‘50s to the current day.

Dixon, M.W., John Godrich, & Howard W. Rye. Blues and Gospel Records 1890-1943. Fourth Edition (1997), Oxford University Press, New York. An authoritative discography, providing session information and release numbers.

Leadbitter, Mike & Neil Slaven. Blues Records 1943 to 1970, a Selective Discography, Volume One, A to K. (1987) Record Information Services, London.
Leadbitter, Mike, Leslie Fancourt & Paul Pelletier. Blues Records 1943-1970 ‘The Bible of the Blues’, Volume Two, L to Z. (1994) Record Information Services, London.
These volumes pick up where the previous one left off, concentrating on blues and the harder rhythm-and-blues artists.

Hayes, Cedric J., & Robert Laughton. Gospel Records 1943-1969, a Black Music Discography. Volume One, A to K (1992) and Volume Two, L to Z (1993), Record Information Services, London. This covers the field of gospel music.

Russell, Tony. Country Music Records, a Discography, 1921-1942. (2004) Oxford University Press, New York. This book brings the same treatment to the country field.

Meade, Guthrie T., Jr., Dick Spottswood, Douglas S. Meade. Country Music Sources, a Biblio-Discography of Commercially Recorded Traditional Music. (2002) University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, NC. This book groups recordings by songs and by themes, giving complete information about performers, recording dates, label and number of releases. If a song has been recorded under different titles, they are listed together here; different songs that have the same titles are listed separately. There are references to recordings outside the scope of this work.

Lord, Tom. The Jazz Discography, 26 volumes (1992-2001) Cadence Jazz Books, Redwood, NY, and Lord Music Reference, Inc., West Vancouver, Canada. This discography covers the entire history of jazz, and is continually updated. It is available in CD format.

Rust, Brian. The American Dance Band Discography, 1917-1942. 2 volumes (1975) Arlington House, New Rochelle, NY.

Rust, Brian, with Allen G. Debus. The Complete Entertainment Discography from the mid-1890s to 1942. (1973) Arlington House, New Rochelle, NY. This book deals mostly with stars of stage and screen.

Lawless, Ray M. Folksingers and Folksongs in America, a handbook of biography, bibliography, and discography (1960, 1965). Duell, Sloan and Pearce, New York. The author attempts to list all the folk albums through 1958, with track listings, label and number, and date when available.

McGrath, Bob. The R&B Indies. 2 volumes (2000) Eyeball Productions, West Vancouver, Canada. This is arranged by record label, giving numerical listings for all the singles issued under that label. An index of performers directs the reader to labels on which they appeared.

Saka, Pierre, & Yann Plougastel. La Chanson française et francophone, Guide Totem. (1999) Larousse, Montréal. This book gives short biographies of French-language performers. The first section is a year-by-year listing of songs, from 1900 to 1998, listing half a dozen or so important songs or big hits for the year, with writer, performer, and a brief description.

Brown, Tony, Jon Kutner & Neil Warwick. The Complete Book of the British Charts, Singles and Albums. (2002). Omnibus Press, London.
Guinness British Hit Singles. 12th Edition. (1999) Guinness Publishing, London. Earlier editions, beginning in 1977, at least through the 10th, were authored by Tim Rice, Paul Gambaccini and Jonathan Rice. Both of these books are chart listing, by performer.