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Have you ever wondered if a song was done previously? What are the sources, the originals, the early versions? That is what this wiki is about.

The information is organized basically in two ways:

1) Hit songs are listed by year . Songs are listed roughly in descending order, based on Billboard peak position, although the actual peak is not identified. Only songs that have previous versions are listed. From 1955 to current day, Top 30 songs are treated; from 1950 to 1954, only the Top 10. FOR LINKS TO THE YEARS, CHOOSE THE 'YEAR' PAGE FROM THE SIDE MENU.

2) Cover songs are listed by artist . The way things are listed depends on the artist. For some, I have tried to deal with all of their recordings; for others, it is only selected LP's or limited time periods. This is pretty arbitrary and depends on my interest level.