Number Ones:
Singing the Blues - Guy Mitchell [Columbia 40769] (Endsley) was a cover of a country hit by Marty Robbins [Columbia 21545] which made the Top 30..
All Shook Up - Elvis Presley [RCA 6870] (Blackwell, Presley) David Hill ‘56
Love Letters in the Sand - Pat Boone [Dot 15570] (Coots, Kenny, Kenny) was a 1931 song popularized by Ted Black with Tom Brown [Victor 22799], and sung by Russ Columbo on stage and radio. This version is from Pat Boone’s movie Bernardine.
Tammy - Debbie Reynolds [Coral 61851] (Evans, Livingston) was from the movie Tammy and the Bachelor starring Reynolds, covered by the Ames Brothers [RCA Victor 6930].
Teddy Bear - Elvis Presley [RCA 7000] (Lowe, Mann) from film Loving You.
Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley [RCA 7035] (Leiber, Stoller) film title song.
Young Love - Tab Hunter [Dot 15533] (Cartey, Joyner) was originally by Ric Cartey [‘56, Stars 539], and there was a popular country version by Sonny James [Capitol 3602] which reached #2 pop. It also charted Top 30 for the Crew-Cuts [Mercury 71022].
Honeycomb - Jimmie Rodgers [Roulette 4015] (Merrill) was originally by Georgie Shaw [‘54, Decca 9-28397].
You Send Me - Sam Cooke [Keen 3-4013] (Cooke) also hit the Top 30 in a cover by Teresa Brewer [Coral 61898].
Butterfly - Andy Williams [Cadence 1308] (Lowe, Mann) was also a top 10 hit for Charlie Gracie [Cameo 105].
Number Twos:
So Rare - Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra [Fraternity 755] (Herst, Sharpe) was a 1937 hit for Gus Arnheim with Jimmy Farrell [Brunswick 7919] and Guy Lombardo with Carmen Lombardo [Victor 25626].
Little Darlin’ - Diamonds [Mercury 71060] (Williams) was a cover of a modest R&B hit for Maurice Williams’ group the Gladiolas [Excello 2101].
Too Much - Elvis Presley [RCA 6800] (Weinman) Bernard Harrison ‘55
Party Doll - Buddy Knox [Roulette 4002] (Bowen, Knox) was covered by Steve Lawrence [Coral 61792].
Top Fives:
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On - Jerry Lee Lewis [Sun 267] (David, Williams) was originally by Roy Hall [‘55, Decca 29697] and Big Maybelle [‘55, Okeh 7060].
Raunchy - Bill Justis [Phillips 3519] (Justis, Manker) was covered by Ernie Freeman [Imperial 5474].
Teen-Age Crush - Tommy Sands [Capitol 3639] (Allison, Allison) was introduced by Sands in the Kraft TV production The Singin’ Idol, recorded in 1956 by Rita Robbins [RCA Victor 6612].
Gone - Ferlin Husky [Capitol 3628] (Rogers) originated in 1952 by Smokey Rogers of the Western Caravan Band and was recorded that year by Terry Preston on Capitol 2298. Preston is Husky.
Dark Moon - Gale Storm [Dot 15558] (Ned Miller) was a cover of Bonnie Guitar’s version, a top 10 hit [Dot 15550].
Banana Boat (Day-O) - Harry Belafonte [RCA 6771] (Attaway, Burgie, Belafonte) was written by Lord Burgess, a prolific Brooklyn-born writer of Jamaican calypso hits. This song is based on the chants of Jamaican dock workers, and was included in Belfaonte’s famous Calypso album [RCA Victor 1248]. A different version was recorded by the Tarriers as The Banana Boat Song (Arkin, Carey, Darling) and also became a hit. There were successful covers by the Fontane Sisters [Dot 15527], Steve Lawrence [Coral 61761] and Sarah Vaughan [Mercury 71020], and a parody by Stan Freberg [Capitol 3687]. The earliest recorded variation of this song seems to be ‘Day Dah Light’ by Edric Connor, 1952, on the U.K. LP Songs from Jamaica [Argo RG33].
My Special Angel - Bobby Helms [Decca 30423] (Duncan) was a single for the Sunny Land Trio [‘56, Cue 7935], and later charted for the Vogues [‘68, Reprise 0766].
Marianne - Terry Gilkyson & the Easy Riders [Columbia 40817] (Dehr, Gilkyson, Miller). The lyrics are based upon a song ‘Sound Bay Girl’ from San Andreas, on the Folkways collection Caribbean Rhythms. The song ‘Mary Ann’ was written and recorded by the Roaring Lion (Raphael de Leon) in 1941. Lord Invader recorded it for Moses Asch in New York in 1947, and Xavier Cugat recorded it that year. Other recordings before the Easy Riders include Sir Lancelot & Chino Ortiz & the Trinidad Serenaders [‘50s], Blind Blake & the Royal Victoria Hotel Calypso Orchestra, from the Bahamas [‘53], and Charmer [aka Louis Farrakhan] [‘54]. [much of this info. is from Rypens]
I’m Walkin’ - Fats Domino [Imperial 5428] (Bartholomew, Domino) was covered by the young TV star Ricky Nelson [‘I’m Walking’ Verve 10047].
Top Tens:
Love Me - Elvis Presley [RCA Victor EPA-992] (Leiber, Stoller) ‘54 Willie & Ruth
I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Right Myself a Letter - Billy Williams [Coral 61830] (Ahlert, Young) was a hit for Fats Waller [‘35, Victor 25044] and the Boswell Sisters [‘36, Decca 671] and was revived by Connee Boswell [‘53, Decca 28832].
Little Bitty Pretty One - Thurston Harris [Aladdin 3398] (Byrd) was originally by its writer, Bobby Day & the Satellites [Class 211]. It was revived by Clyde McPhatter [‘62, Mercury 71987] and the Jackson 5 [Motown 1199].
Keep a-Knockin’ - Little Richard [Specialty 611] (Penniman) was originally done by Louis Jordan in 1939 [Decca 7609].
Blue Monday - Fats Domino [Imperial 5417] (Domino, Bartholomew) is a remake of a Smiley Lewis song [‘54, Imperial 5268].
White Silver Sands - Don Rondo [Jubilee 5288] (Matthews) originated as ‘If I Knew’ by its writer, Chuck Matthews [‘48, Ekko], and was popular in this version and one by Dave Gardner [OJ 1002], the ‘60s comedian. Also a 1960 hit for Bill Black’s Combo [Hi 2021].
You Don’t Owe Me a Thing - Johnnie Ray [Columbia 40803] (Robbins) is a cover of a Marty Robbins song [‘56, Columbia 40706].
Top Twenties:
Fascination - Jane Morgan [Kapp 191] (Marchetti, De Féraudi, Manning). This song, also known as ‘Valse Tzigane’, is said to have been ghost-written by Ravel. Its first recording was by Jane Dyt [‘05], with a hit version by Paulette Darty [’05]. Several French artists recorded it throughout the early 20th century. Featured in the movie Love in the Afternoon, it was popularized by Morgan as well as by Dinah Shore [RCA Victor 6980] and Dick Jacobs [Coral 61864].
Ninety-Nine Ways - Tab Hunter [Dot 15548] (September) is a cover of Charlie Gracie [Cameo 105].
Freight Train - Rusty Draper [Mercury 71102] (James, Williams) This was written by Elizabeth Cotton, the housekeeper of the Seeger family, as a child, perhaps around 1905. Peggy Seeger sang the song during an English concert tour, and it was picked up and recorded for the first time by the Chas. McDevitt Skiffle Group, feat. Nancy Whiskey [‘56, Chic 108], and it was followed in the U.S. by the Draper version. Elizabeth Cotton then recorded it in 1958 for Folkways [FG 3526], in a session arranged by Mike Seeger.
Hula Love - Buddy Knox [Roulette 4018] (Wenrich, Madden) was recorded in 1911 as ‘My Hula Hula Love’ by Dolly Connolly [Columbia.A-1028], followed by Ada Jones and Billy Murray [‘11] and the Metropolitan Quartette [‘11, Edison cylinder 10515, and ‘12 Edison Amberol 1542/742]. Leadbelly recorded it as ‘The Hawaiian Song’ [‘48, Folkways LP 241; he also recorded it as ’Down Hawaii Way’, 1945 unissued].
Melodie d’Amour - Ames Brothers [RCA Victor 7046] (Salvador, Johns) is a 1949 French song by Henri Salvador under quite a different name - ‘Maladie d‘amour‘ - and introduced to the English world by Edmundo Ros.
Rock-a-bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody - Jerry Lewis [Decca 30124] (Lewis, Young, Schwartz) was a hit for Al Jolson in 1918 [Columbia A-2560] from the show Sinbad.
Four Walls - Jim Reeves [RCA Victor 6874] (Moore, Campbell) is a cover of Jim Lowe’s charting hit [Dot 15569]. (Note - these writers wrote ‘Green Door’ and other Lowe songs.)
Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now - Patience & Prudence [Liberty 55040] (Kellem) was a small hit for Teresa Brewer [‘52, Coral 9-60676]. Also by the Bell Sisters as ‘Boom Boom My Honey’ [‘56, Bermuda B-1000]. It had a mild revival in 1964 with Tracey Dey [Amy 901] and Skeeter Davis [RCA Victor 8347]. (The Rypens site states that Brewer’s is a different song, but it is not - I have heard it.)
C. C. Rider - Chuck Willis [Atlantic 1130] (Willis) was first recorded as ‘See See Rider Blues’ by blues singer Ma Rainey [Oct. ‘24, Paramount 12252], then by Big Bill (Broonzy) [’34, Banner 33344], and revived as a number 1 R&B hit by Bea Booze [‘42, Decca 8633]. It was recorded by Ray Charles [‘51, Swing Time 271] and the Orioles {‘52, Jubilee 5092], among others. It has had several other successful charting versions in the rock era: LaVern Baker [‘62, Atlantic 2167], Bobby Powell [‘65, as ‘C. C. Rider’, Whit 714], and Eric Burdon & the Animals [‘66, MGM 13582].
Star Dust - Billy Ward & the Dominoes (feat. Eugene Mumford) [Liberty 55071] (Carmichael-Parish) is a standard of recurring popularity, published in 1929. Other versions listed as ‘charting’ through the years are the following: Irving Mills & his Hotsy Totsy Band (with Hoagy Carmichael on piano) [’30, Brunswick 4587], Isham Jones [’30, Brunswick 4586], Bing Crosby [’31, Brunswick 6159], Louis Armstrong [’31, Columbia 2574], Wayne King [’31, Victor 22656], pianist Lee Sims [’31, Brunswick 6132], Jimmie Lunceford feat. Henry Wells [’35, Decca 369], Benny Goodman’s paired with Tommy Dorsey’s on two sides of the same record [’36, Victor 25320], Sammy Kaye [’39, Vocalion 4433], Glenn Miller [1/29/40, Bluebird 10665], Artie Shaw [10/7/40, Victor 27230], a new Tommy Dorsey version feat. Frank Sinatra and the Pied Pipers [11/11/40, Victor 27233], Baron Elliot [’43, Musicraft 15010], Nat King Cole [’57, Capitol EP 824], Frank Sinatra [’62, Reprise 20059], and Nino Tempo & April Stevens [’64, Atco 6286].
Love Is Strange - Mickey & Sylvia [Groove 0175] (Baker, Smith) is very similar, in form, rhythm and guitar part, to Billy Stewart’s ‘Billy’s Blues’ [‘56, Chess 1625/Argo 5256].
Mama Look at Bubu - Harry Belafonte [RCA Victor 6830] (Lord Melody, aka Fitzroy Alexander) was recorded by its writer, Lord Melody, in 1955 for Monogram, as ‘Mama Look a Boo Boo.’
All the Way - Frank Sinatra [Capitol 3793] (Van Heusen, Cahn) is from the film The Joker Is Wild.
I’m Available - Margie Rayburn [Liberty 55102] (Burgess) was originally a single for its writer, the rhythm guitarist for the Champs, Dave Burgess [‘57, Challenge 1008].
Knee Deep in the Blues - Guy Mitchell [Columbia 40820] (Endsley) was a cover of country singer Marty Robbins [Columbia 40815].
Jamaica Farewell - Harry Belafonte [RCA Victor 6663] (Burgie) is a Jamaican folk standard known as ‘Iron Bar’, first published in 1944. It’s first recording was in 1951 by Tony Johnson & the Caribbean Serenaders on Melodisc; other recordings were by Blind Blake [‘52, ‘At the Iron Bar’, on Art ALP-20 A Fifth Album of Bahamian Songs] and Lord Fly [‘53].
Pledge of Love - Ken Copeland [Imperial 5432] (Ramona Redd) also charted for Mitchell Torok [Decca 30230], Dick Contino [Mercury 71079] and Johnny Janis [ABC-Paramount 9800].
Empty Arms - Teresa Brewer [Coral 61805] (Hunter) was a cover of Ivory Joe Hunter [Atlantic 1128].
Sittin’ in the Balcony - Eddie Cochran [Liberty 55056] (Loudermilk) was recorded by its writer under the name of Johnny Dee [Colonial 430].
Goin’ Steady - Tommy Sands [Capitol 3723] (Young) was a country hit for Faron Young in 1952 [Capitol 2299].
Remember You’re Mine - Pat Boone [Dot 15602] (Mann, Lowe) is a cover of Ray Vernon [Cameo].
Can I Steal a Little Love - Frank Sinatra [Capitol 3608] (Tuminello) is from the film Rock Pretty Baby.
Top Thirties:
Wringle Wrangle - Fess Parker [Disneyland 43] (Jones) is from Parker’s movie Westward Ho, the Wagons; Bill Hayes also charted with it [AB-Paramount 9785].
Goody Goody - Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers [Gee 1039] (Mercer, Malneck), first recorded by Ted Wallace [Bluebird B-6252], was a 1936 hit for Benny Goodman, featuring Helen Ward [Victor 25245], Freddy Martin [Brunswick 7621] and Bob Crosby [Decca 727].
Shangri-La - Four Coins [Epic 9213] (Maxwell, Malneck) A prototype of the song, as ‘Fantasy for Harp’, was, according to Rypens, recorded by harpist Robert Maxwell in 1943 as part of Rudy Vallee’s U.S. Coast Guard Band. It was published and recorded in 1946 by co-writer Matty Malneck [Columbia]. It was first recorded by Robert Maxwell in 1953 [Mercury 70033], he had a hit with it in 1964 [Decca 25622]. Vic Dana also charted in 1964 with a vocal version [Dolton 92].
Bernardine - Pat Boone [Dot 15570] (Mercer) is the title film to the movie, starring Boone.
To the Aisle - The Five Satins [Ember 1019] (Billy Dawn Smith, Stuart Wiener) Recorded by Roy Hamilton as ‘The Aisle’ [‘57, Epic 9224]
Around the World (Adamson, Young), the theme from the film Around the World in 80 Days, charted for its writer, Victor Young [‘(Main Theme)‘…Decca 30262], as well as for Mantovani [London 1746] and Bing Crosby [Decca 30262].
Mangos - Rosemary Clooney [Columbia 40835] (Libbey, Wayne) is from the musical revue Ziegfeld Follies 1957.
Almost Paradise - Roger Williams [Kapp 175] (Petty) also charted for its writer in the Norman Petty Trio [ABC-Paramount 9787].
I’m Waiting Just For You - Pat Boone [Dot 15545] (Leigh, Glover, Millinder) was a big R&B hit for Lucky Millinder in 1951 [King 4453], with a cover by Rosemary Clooney [Columbia 39535].
Treat Me Nice - Elvis Presley [RCA Victor 47-7035] (Leiber, Stoller) is from the movie Jailhouse Rock.
Loving You - Elvis Presley [RCA Victor 47-7000] (Leiber, Stoller) is a movie title song.
There’s a Goldmine in the Sky - Pat Boone [Dot 15602] (Kenny, Kenny) was sung by Gene Autry in the 1938 film of the same name [Vocalion 03358], and had successful recordings by Horace Heidt [Brunswick 8021], Bing Crosby [Decca 1565] and Isham Jones [Vocalion 3910].
I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Me) - Jill Corey [Columbia 40794] (Green, Warren) was a 1926 hit for Fred Waring’s Pennsylvanians [Victor 19905] and Aileen Stanley [Victor 19950].
When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again - Elvis Presley [Elvis, Volume 1 EP, RCA Victor EPA-992] (Walker-Sullivan) was a country standard by Wiley (Walker) & Gene (Sullivan) [3/41, Okeh 06374], and was the only charted hit for songwriter Cindy Walker [11/44, Decca 6103].
And That Reminds Me - Della Reese [Jubilee 5292] (Stillman, Bargoni) is an English version of the Italian instrumental ‘Concerto d’Automno’ by Camillo Bargoni [Voce del Padrone]. It charted in the U.K. by the George Melachrino Orchestra [‘56, HMV B 10958] and was recorded by Richard Hayman as ‘Autumn Concerto’ [‘56, Mercury 70884]. Reese’s is a vocal version, as is Kay Starr’s ‘My Heart Reminds Me’ [RCA Victor 6981].
Shish-Kebab - Ralph Marterie [RCA 13824] (Buddy Kaye) is the same song as ‘Harem Dance’ by the Armenian Jazz Sextet [Kapp 181], which charted at the same time.
Just Because - Lloyd Price [ABC-Paramount 9792, originally ‘56 KRC 587] (Price) charted at the same time (R&B) for Larry Williams [Specialty 597]. The tune is based on ‘Caro Nome’ from Verdi’s opera Rigoletto [1981].
My One Sin - Four Coins [Epic 9229] (Matlin, Mascheroni, Testoni) is a remake of Nat King Cole‘s record [’55, Capitol 3136]. It is originally an Italian song, but I don‘t know which one. Some songs by the same team: ‘La Storia di Tutti’ Lidia Martorana [‘48], ‘Passano gli Anni’ Alberto Rabagliati [‘47], ‘Il Mio nome é donna’ Dea Garbaccio [‘46].
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? - Ricky Nelson [Imperial 5463] (Wiseman) was first recorded by the country duo of Lulu Belle & Scotty (Wiseman) [Vogue R719] in 1946, and reached the country charts that year in several versions: Gene Autry [Columbia 37079], Tex Ritter [Capitol 296], Foy Willing [Majestic 6000], Red Foley with Roy Ross [Decca 46014]. Bing Crosby & the Andrews Sisters had a version in 1950 [Decca 2482].
Just to Hold My Hand - Clyde McPhatter [Atlantic 1133] (Robey, Perryman) was recorded by Paul Perryman & Band [‘56, Duke 158].