In contrast to the previous years, this is the first year when many popular songs only had one charting version. Until now, most songs charted in several different versions.
Number Ones:
Vaya Con Dios - Les Paul & Mary Ford [Capitol F2486] (James, Pepper, Russell) Anita O’Day with Larry Russell’s Orchestra [‘53, Clef 89047]
The Song from Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart) - Percy Faith, featuring Felicia Sanders [Columbia 4-39944] (Auric, Engvick) Written for the 1952 American film Moulin Rouge by French film composer Georges Auric. In the film it is called ‘It’s April Again’, dubbed by Muriel Smith for Zsa Zsa Gabor. The original French lyrics were by Jacques Larue (titled ’Moulin Rouge’), with French recording by André Claveau. Also by Mantovani.
You You You - Ames Brothers [RCA Victor 47-5325] (Mellin, Olias) German song ‘Du Du Du’, recorded by Belgian-born Angèle Durand, with Bela Sanders’ orchestra [‘52, Electrola].
Rags to Riches - Tony Bennett [Columbia 4-40048] (Adler, Ross) Also an R&B version by Billy Ward & his Dominoes, featuring Jackie Wilson [King 45-1280]
The Doggie in the Window - Patti Page [Mercury 70070-X45] (Merrill) Followed by Homer & Jethro parody ‘(How Much Is) That Hound Dog In the Window’
Till I Waltz Again With You - Teresa Brewer [Coral 9-60873] (Prosen), Also by Dick Todd, and charted country for Tommy Sosebee.
I’m Walking Behind You -Eddie Fisher [RCA Victor 47-5293] (Billy Reid) By Dorothy Squires with the Billy Reid’s orchestra [’53, Polygon]. Also Frank Sinatra
Don’t Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes - Perry Como [RCA Victor 47-5064] (Willet) A country hit for Slim Willet (its writer) [4 Star 1614], Skeets McDonald [Capitol F2216], Ray Price (his second charting record [Columbia 4-21025] and Red Foley. Also charted pop for Gisele MacKenzie
No Other Love - Perry Como [RCA Victor 47-5317] (Rodgers, Hammerstein) Whitburn reports that the melody is from ‘Beneath the Southern Cross’ in the TV production Victory at Sea, and the lyrical version appeared in the Broadway musical Me and Juliet.
St. George and the Dragonet - Stan Freberg [Capitol F2596] (Butler, Freberg, Schumann) Parody of Dragnet, using the theme
Number Twos:
That’s Amore - Dean Martin [Capitol F2589] (Brooks, Warren) From the Dean Martin-Jerry Lewis movie The Caddy.
Ebb Tide - Frank Chacksfield [London 1358] (Maxwell, Sigman) Originally recorded as an instrumental by harpist Bobby Maxwell [‘53 Mercury 70177], with vocal versions by Vic Damone [Mercury 70216], Charlie Fuqua’s Ink Spots [‘53, King 1297], Roy Hamilton [‘54, Epic 9068].
April in Portugal - Les Baxter [Capitol F2374] (Ferrão, Kennedy) A 1947 Portuguese fado ‘Coïmbra’ written by Solón Guimarães, English lyrics were written by Teige Claire, according to wikipedia. Rypens lists the writers as Raul Ferrão and Jose Galhardo and reports that it was introduced as ‘Serenata‘ in the 1947 film Capas Negras, and recorded as ‘Coïmbra (E Uma Lição de Amor)‘ by Alberto Ribeiro [Copacabana]. It became a signature song of Amália Rodrigues, live in Dublin 1950 and on her first LP in 1954. It was recorded in French by Yvette Giraud [’50] with lyrics by Jacques Larue. Also by Vic Damone, Richard Hayman, Freddy Martin, Tony Martin
I Believe - Frankie Laine [Columbia 4-39938] (Drake, Graham, Shirl, Stillman) Introduced by Jane Froman [Capitol F2332] on her TV show U.S.A. Canteen.
Your Cheatin’ Heart - Joni James [MGM K11426] (Williams) Posthumous country hit for Hank Williams [MGM 11416]. Also by Frankie Laine
Ricochet (Rick-o-shay)
Tell Me You’re Mine
Dragnet - Ray Anthony [Capitol F2562] (Walter Schumann) Combines the opening theme and closing march from Jack Webb’s 1952 TV show Dragnet. The opening theme borrows from Miklos Rosza’s score from the 1946 film The Killers.
Eh, Cumpari
Top Fives
Changing Partners - Patti Page [Mercury 70260-X45] (Coleman, Darion) Also by Kay Starr, Dinah Shore, Bing Crosby, country Pee Wee King
Side By Side - Kay Starr [Capitol F2334] (Woods) 1927 song first recorded by Sam Lanin, featuring Arthur Fields [Banner 1961], and also by Cliff Edwards [Perfect 11640], Nick Lucas [Brunswick 3512], Paul Whiteman (vocal trio includes Bing Crosby) [Victor 20627], Aileen Stanley & Johnny Marvin [Victor 20714]
Ruby - Richard Hayman [Mercury 70115-X45] (Parish, Roemheld) Theme from the movie Ruby Gentry. Also by Les Baxter, Harry James, Victor Young
Say You’re Mine Again
Have You Heard
Many Times
Keep It a Secret - Jo Stafford [Columbia 4-39891] (Jessie Mae Robinson) Also by country artist Slim Whitman [‘52, Imperial 45-8169]
P.S. I Love You
Crying in the Chapel - June Valli [RCA Victor 47-5368] (Artie Glenn) Originally a country hit by Darrell Glenn [Valley 105] and Rex Allen [Decca 28758], an R&B hit for the Orioles [Jubilee 45-5122], and it hit the pop charts for Ella Fitzgerald also [Decca 9-28762].
Tell Me a Story - Jimmy Boyd & Frankie Laine (Gilkyson)
Anywhere I Wander
Oh Happy Day - Don Howard [Essex 45-311; originally on Triple A 45-2503, ‘52] (Howard, Reed) Also by Lawrence Welk, the Four Knights
Santa Baby
A Dear John Letter - Jean Shepard with Ferlin Husky [Capitol F2502] (Barton, Owen, Talley) Country hit, originally by Bonnie Owens & Fuzzy Owen [Mar-Vel 102]. Also charted pop by Pat O’Day [MGM K11566]
Seven Lonely Days - Georgia Gibbs [Mercury 70095-X45] (Brown, Schuman, Schuman) A country hit for Bonnie Lou [King 1192]
Anna (El Negro Zumbon) - Silvana Mangano [MGM K11457] (Giordano, Vatro) From the Italian film Anna. Mangano’s vocal was actually dubbed by Flo Sandons.
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
Terry’s Theme from ‘Limelight’ - Frank Chacksfield [London 45-1342] (Chaplin, Parsons) From the 1952 Charlie Chaplin film Limelight. Also by Vic Damone (as ‘Eternally‘), Richard Hayman
Bye Bye Blues - Les Paul & Mary Ford [Capitol F2316] (Bennett, Gray, Hamm, Lown) First recorded in 1925 by Fred Hamm Orchestra [Victor 19662]. Became the theme song for Bert Lown [’30, Columbia 2258] (Lown joined Hamm‘s orchestra soon after the original recording), also recorded by Leo Reisman featuring Philip Steele [’30, Victor 22459] and Cab Calloway [’41, Okeh 6084].
Top Tens
Gambler’s Guitar
Wild Horses
Hey Joe!
Half a Photograph
Hot Toddy
With These Hands
Even Now
My Baby’s Coming Home
C’est Si Bon
Love Walked In
To Be Alone
My Love, My Love
The Velvet Glove
I’d Rather Die Young
Somebody Stole My Gal
You Alone (Solo Tu)
The Ho Ho Song
Little Blue Riding Hood
Mister Tap Toe
Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
No Help Wanted
I’m Sitting On Top of the World