Number Ones:
You Belong to Me - Jo Stafford [Columbia 4-39811] (King, Price, Stewart) First recorded by Sue Thompson [Mercury 6407], then by Patti Page [Mercury 5899-X45] and soon after by Joni James. Other versions by Dean Martin, R&B by the Orioles
Wheel of Fortune - Kay Starr [Capitol F1964] (Benjamin, Weiss) First recorded by Johnny Hartman [‘51, RCA Victor 20-4349], followed by Eddie Wilcox with Sunny Gale. Bobby Wayne, Bell Sisters,
I Went to Your Wedding - Patti Page [Mercury 5899-X45] (Jessie Mae Robinson) Steve Gibson and the Original Red Caps, featuring Damita Jo, recorded the song first [6/2/52, released July] and it was covered by Page [rec. 8/6]. There was a country hit version by Hank Snow, R&B versions by Hadda Brooks and Florence Wright, and a parody by Spike Jones.
Auf Wiederseh’n Sweetheart - Vera Lynn [London 451227] (Sexton, Storch, Turner) German song by Rudi Schuricke [‘51, Polydor] Eddy Howard, the Ames Brothers, Guy Lombardo, Les Baxter
Kiss of Fire - Georgia Gibbs [Mercury 5823-X45] (Allen, Hill) Argentine tango ‘El Choclo’, introduced in 1903 by its writer, Angel Villoldo, recorded by him in 1907. Recorded by the Brazilian Francisco Carlos in the 1940s as ‘Aventureira’. Tony Martin, Toni Arden, Billy Eckstine, Louis Armstrong, Guy Lombardo
Why Don’t You Believe Me - Joni James [MGM K11333] (Douglas, Laney, Rodde) Patti Page
Blue Tango - Leroy Anderson [Decca 9-27875] (Anderson) Hugo Winterhalter, Guy Lombardo, Les Baxter
The Glow-Worm - Mills Brothers [Decca 9-28384] (Lincke, Mercer, Robinson) German song ‘Glühwürsche Idyll’ from 1902 Paul Lyncke operetta Lysistrata, sung by Caecilie Carola, Emma Malkowsky, and Kathi Herold. An English version appeared in the 1908 Broadway show The Girl Behind the Counter, sung by May Naudain. Lucy Isabel Marsh [‘08, Columbia 3791], the Victor Orchestra [Victor 5408], Elise Stevenson [‘09, Victor 5657], Prince’s Orchestra [‘09, Columbia A-711], the Vienna Quartet [‘10, Victor 16503]. Lyrics updated in 1952 by Johnny Mercer, who also charted with it.
Half As Much - Rosemary Clooney [Columbia 4-39710] (Curley Williams) Originally by Curley Williams & his Georgia Peach Pickers [‘51, Columbia 20879], it was a country hit for Hank Williams [MGM K11202]. Also by Guy Lombardo
Here in My Heart - Al Martino [BBS 101] (Borrelli, Genaro, Levinson) Vic Damone, Tony Bennett
Slow Poke - Pee Wee King, featuring Redd Stewart [RCA Victor 48-0489] (King, Price, Stewart) Ralph Flanagan, Helen O’Connell, Arthur Godfrey, Roberta Lee, Hawkshaw Hawkins, Tiny Hill
It’s In the Book - Johnny Stanley (Standley, Thorsen)
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - Jimmy Boyd [Columbia 4-39871] (Connor) Spike Jones, Molly Bee
Wish You Were Here - Eddie Fisher [RCA Victor 47-4830] (Rome) Jane Froman, Guy Lombardo
Delicado - Percy Faith [Columbia 4-39708] (Azevedo, Lawrence) 1950 Brazilian song by Waldir Aleve e sue Conjunto [Continental]. Stan Kenton, Ralph Flanagan, Dinah Shore
A Guy is a Guy - Doris Day [Columbia 4-39673] (Oscar Brand) ‘A Knave is a Knave’, written in 1719 by bawdy English poet and musician Thomas D’Urfey. Recorded by Oscar Brand as ‘A Gob Is a Slob’ [‘49, Bawdy Songs and Backroom Ballads vol. 2]
Number Twos:
Tell Me Why - Four Aces featuring Al Alberts [Decca 9-27860] (Alberts, Gold) Eddie Fisher
Botch-a-Me (Ba-Ba-Baciami Piccina) - Rosemary Clooney [Columbia 4-39767] (Astore, Morbelli, Stanley) Italian song by Alberto Retaliate [‘40], in film Una Famiglia Impossibile.
Any Time - Eddie Fisher [RCA Victor 47-4359] (Lawson) Written in 1921and later recorded by Happy Lawson [’25, Gennett 3108]. Several versions by Emmett Miller [‘24, Okeh 40239; ‘28 Okeh 41095; ‘36 Bluebird 6577]; country hit for Eddy Arnold [‘48, RCA Victor 2700] (Note: Miller also recorded ‘Lovesick Blues’[‘25, Okeh 40465, and ‘28, Okeh 41062])
The Little White Cloud That Cried - [Okeh 4-6840] Johnny Ray & the Four Lads (Ray)
At Last - Ray Anthony, featuring Tommy Mercer (Gordon, Warren) According to Rypens, it was introduced as an instrumental in the 1941 film Sun Valley Serenade, featuring Glenn Miller. At any rate, it was performed by Miller, featuring Ray Eberle, in the 1942 film Orchestra Wives, and recorded by them [‘42, Victor 27934].
Tiger Rag - Les Paul & Mary Ford [Capitol F1920] (DeCosta, Edwards, LaRocca, Ragas, Sbarbaro, Shields) Original Dixieland Jazz Band [‘18, Victor 18472], Ethel Waters [‘22, Black Swan 10073]], Ted Lewis [‘23, Columbia 3813 and ‘27, Columbia 770], the Mills Brothers [‘31, Brunswick 6197], Louis Armstrong [’30, instrumental Okeh 8800, and ‘32, vocal ‘New Tiger Rag’ Okeh 41557], Ray Noble featuring Al Bowlly [‘34, Victor 24577]
Top Fives
The Blacksmith Blues - Ella Mae Morse [Capitol F1922] (Holmes)
Jambalaya - Jo Stafford [Columbia 4-39838] (Williams) Country hit for Hank Williams [MGM K11283]
I’m Yours - Eddie Fisher [RCA Victor 47-4680] (Mellin) Don Cornell, Four Aces, Toni Arden
Maybe - Perry Como & Eddie Fisher [RCA Victor 47-4744] (Flynn, Madden) 1940 song by the Ink Spots [Decca 3258], Dinah Shore, Bobby Byrne.
Lover - Peggy Lee & Gordon Jenkins [Decca 9-28215] (Hart, Rodgers) Sung by Jeannette McDonald in the 1933 film Love Me Tonight. Recorded by Paul Whiteman, featuring Jack Fulton [Victor 24283], Guy Lombardo [Brunswick 6535], and Greta Keller, and in 1948 by Les Paul [Capitol 15037]
Walkin’ My Baby Back Home - Johnnie Ray [Columbia 4-39750] (Ahlert, Turk) Recorded in 1930 by Tom Barratt, then in November by the Foursome [’31, Brunswick 4996], in January by the Ted Wallace Orchestra, under several different releases and aliases, then in Feb. by the Charleston Chasers [Columbia 2404, as the Johnny Walker Orchestra], Lee Morse [Columbia 2417], the two most popular versions by Ted Weems, featuring Parker Gibbs [Victor 22637] and Nick Lucas [Brunswick 6048] and in April by Louis Armstrong [Okeh 41497]. Also in ‘52 by Nat ‘King’ Cole & Billy May
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Guy Mitchell [Columbia 4-39663] (Merrill)
I Should Care - Ralph Flanagan, featuring Harry Prime [RCA Victor 47-4885] (Cahn, Stordahl, Weston) Sung by Robert Allen in 1945 film Thrill of a Romance. Recorded by Frank Sinatra with the Alex Stordahl Orchestra [Columbia 36791], Tommy Dorsey, featuring Bonnie Lou Williams [Victor 20-1625], Martha Tilton with the Eddie Miller Orchestra [Capitol 184], Jimmy Dorsey, featuring Teddy Walters [Decca 18656]
High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me) - Frankie Laine [Columbia 4-39770] (Tiomkin, Washington) Title song to Gary Cooper film. Also charted for Tex Ritter, who sang it in the film.
Meet Mister Callaghan - Les Paul [Capitol F2193] (Spear) Written in 1952 in honor of the Peter Cheyney fictional detective Slim Callaghan. The song seems to have been used as the title song of the 1954 (British?) film. Also by Harry Grove Trio, Mitch Miller, Carmen Cavallaro
I’ll Walk Alone - Don Cornell [Coral 9-60659] (Cahn, Styne) Sung by Dinah Shore in the 1944 film With a Song in My Heart, a hit for her [Victor 20-1586] as well as for Martha Tilton [Capitol 157], Mary Martin [Decca 23340] and Louis Prima, featuring Lily Ann Carol [Hit 7083]. Also charted in ‘52 for Jane Froman, Richard Hayes, Margaret Whiting
Top Tens
Please Mr. Sun
Lady Of Spain
Dance Me Loose
Because You’re Mine
Forgive Me
Takes Two to Tango
Be My Life’s Companion
Be Anything (But Be Mine)
I Drigo
Somewhere Along the Way
Here Am I - Broken Hearted
Outside of Heaven
Indian Love Call
Come What May
Once in Awhile
Should I
Ay-round the Corner (Bee-hind the Bush)
Comes A-long A-love
The Night Before Christmas Song
That’s the Chance You Take
As Time Goes By